Taken on a daytime visit to Stonehenge 


Picture taken in one one the visitor centres in an empty room, on my iPhone  and was not noticed until a few days later.


What/ who is it ..... Look carefully... Is there the lower skeletal part of a leg showing as the apparition walks ?

13th May 2017


Taken after feeling someone touching my hair



Is this a ghostly hand ........

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Investigation Report

Isolation Hospital 9th June 2017

Investigation Report ...

 Originally  built as a military isolation hospital for the sick, for adults and children with infectious diseases in 1898 and extended in 1918. During WWII it was also used as a mortuary.

Grid pens were set up in the gym area; on occasions they dimmed and appeared to waiver as if something was moving in front of them 

Photo of orb in gym area  .... Subsequent photo attempts failed to recreate this!  one group member did get a similar photo in the same room

Ouija board and table tipping from both groups had no results 

One female Member had her hair played with,  when no one else was near her, and in one particular area in building 1 some group members felt sick 

Evp Got by group 1 in the gym area asking " can u copy my whistle"  resulted in two return whistles, which the group did not hear at the time. 

Obs caught on camera

Evp got by group 2. In one of the smaller rooms in building two sounded like a child's cry. This was not heard by the group at the time. Followed by what some people thought was a growl and others someone's stomach rumbling ( * note * a few of the guys stomachs were rumbling at times during the evp session and investigation)  two skeptics had joined us for the investigation and did comment that the evp sounded "hollow" and questioned its authenticity..... * we are there to attempt to get genuine evidence*........ Someone suggested that maybe the change in energy had caused this.....  we can only present the evidence for people to decide for themselves 

After the child's evp from group 2, group 1 did a vigil in the same room. Whilst there; a toy cat motion sensor activated with no one near it, in this room members also heard a "  whimper " and a large orb was caught on camera.   Unfortunately most of the orbs caught that night we are unable  to upload onto the website at this time. 

The two groups joined for the Scrying. Two members of the groups did this and some of the group felt that the energy had changed to a more negative energy. Both members Faces appeared to change and visible differences were noted by group members, this was especially noticeable when we asked out for them to superimpose their diseases onto the members Scrying.  One member was effected by this so much that she ran out of the room in fear.   

Royal Signals Museum

Our 1st Investigation at this venue proved this Museum to be a interesting and active place. 

Activity included some really good EVPs ... these can be heard on our Facebook page- paranormal pastimes 

Table tipping, spirit board activity, numerous Orbs and the  lift moving to floors, the doors opening whilst empty, with everyone in the groups accounted for were all witnessed.

So we are very excited to be going back for another visit

Client Reviews

‎Laura Mason‎ to Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting

11 July at 21:38 · Bournemouth · 

Just want to say a massive thank you to the guys at paranormal past times....what an amazing night it was Saturday at royal signals museum , lots of activity and as for the table tipping!!...😬😱 great atmosphere, very professional and can't wait for the next event!! Would highly recommend 👌🏻x...

I'm usually a massive whimp but this was my second ghost hunt with paranormal pastimes and I'm addicted. It's fun but professional and something different to do with friends. Both evenings we've picked up really good recordings and I'm looking forward to the next one and what will may come across 👻👻

Sue Baker

11 July at 23:43

I would highly recommend you give one of these events a go. I went to the above event which is hosted by friendly and professional people. I had a really good evening and witnessed paranormal activity especially when we did the table tipping. PPGH provide and use a good array of equipment which gives the open-minded every chance of experiencing the paranormal. Plus it was great Fun! Give it a go - who knows what you might encounter!