Client Reviews

Sue Baker

11 July at 23:43

I would highly recommend you give one of these events a go. I went to the above event which is hosted by friendly and professional people. I had a really good evening and witnessed paranormal activity especially when we did the table tipping. PPGH provide and use a good array of equipment which gives the open-minded every chance of experiencing the paranormal. Plus it was great Fun! Give it a go - who knows what you might encounter!

‎Laura Mason‎ to Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting

11 July at 21:38 · Bournemouth · 

Just want to say a massive thank you to the guys at paranormal past times....what an amazing night it was Saturday at royal signals museum , lots of activity and as for the table tipping!!...😬😱 great atmosphere, very professional and can't wait for the next event!! Would highly recommend 👌🏻x

I'm usually a massive whimp but this was my second ghost hunt with paranormal pastimes and I'm addicted. It's fun but professional and something different to do with friends. Both evenings we've picked up really good recordings and I'm looking forward to the next one and what will may come across 👻👻

Dick Peter Evans reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

14 December 2017 · 

I went to my first ghost hunting experience with paranormal pastimes and was very sceptical as I know many people are, it was by far a huge eye opener for me as I’ve only seen t.v programmes on paranormal experiences. But going along with these guys was incredible I witnessed a number of things happen on my first event and have been many more times since! My highlights have been a spirit board experience was was incredible which many people witnessed who were also new starters to hunting for ghosts! Objects moving and voices communicating through communication equipment (people are welcome to take there own equipment). aside from the hunts themselves,paranormal pastimes are amazing with the entire events the most lovely down to earth people with a warm welcome each time I have been very friendly and provide free tea,coffee and got chocolate ! With some snacks for a small price in case anyone finds themselves a bit peckish, all round amazing team and experiences!

Samuel Danks reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

15 December 2017 · 

I am normally a sceptic, but I went into a room on my own with a tape recorder, heard nothing and thought that was that. Played the tape back later in the evening and there were definite voices on the tape (including a baby crying). Absolutely crazy. Overall was a brilliant night out and would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Chloe Griffiths reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

13 December 2017 · 

Had a great time, experienced loads of new things. Helen and Cathy were really friendly. Looking forward to the next Ghost Hunt 

Client Reviews on Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting Events

Chris Wade reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

13 December 2017 · 

Great experience went with a few friends and was very professional service throughout and will defo do this again !!!

Niicola Caswell reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

1 January · 

We had a great time investigating at Manor Farm. We're looking forward to joining you again soon.

Gemma Wilbraham reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

15 January · 

Really fun evening! 1st ghost hunt and good laugh

Sheri Cripps reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5*

Tanya Cripps reviewed Paranormal Pastimes Ghost Hunting – 5 star

Lindsey Fowler Mclennan Great night defenetly up for another!!  5*